Hello all. I’ve set this up by myself from zero. I use my own server at the moment but i’m allready planning on adding another server to zorehost.com


What you get is:

server located in SWEDEN!
5gb space
150gb bandwidth
ftp account,mysql
add your own domain and so much more!
http://zorehost.com/ and order your free webspace today!

You can do WHATEVER YOU WANT with your 5gb of space. You can use your host for file hosting or webspace or a combination of both as long as you dont get over 5gb space and 150gb bandwidth/month
You can upload whatever you want EXEPT: child-pornography, Rape, Copyrighted material or anything else that breakes Swedish law!!

ZoreHost’s aim is to be more personal then all the big hosting companies. We want our customers to feel like if they’re in a family or are with friends. Thats why we dont offer direct setup account. Our administrators have to look trough all orders and accept them. We only have a limited number of free clients at the moment and we will not overrent our services!

Well eerm. You might notice that the website design isnt any good but im working on that as often as i can.. Currently creating my own template that i will use soon!

thank you

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